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• Colors Dream

• Dance of a White Boy

• Tango

• Dog Day

• Lillian and Sid

• Home Run in the Coffee Bar

• Roll-y, Not Holy

• Her Office

• Chinatown

• Art and Humans

• Lost Art Legionnaire

Colors Dream

Green is dreaming shades of blue
The red dog runs a chicken scrawl
Melting into purple sun
Yellow zooms – a noisy gun

Lovers hum and intertwine
Noodles in a boiling pot
Planted in narcotic soil
Olives bathed in olive oil

The prism bends the liquid light
Each ray assigned a single line
For humans to define their day
The colors dream to get away

© Polar Levine 2017
content should not be reproduced elsewhere without prior permission

Dance of a White Boy

Appears to be working
hand in drawers
Appears to be earning
his doobie doobie
pipe dreamed
tranced in
boydom mom & pop
circulate pix of his
ding dong to
uninterested parties
and prep schools
Switches on
bangs the bong
to write paeans
to the lunch bell
Sharpens his dough ray me
to harpoon that
hovering wail
bone dry
belly up for
tutelege by
platinum wetnurse
giving birth
(like memos)
to educated children
Wheaties for the
punch clock
born of
cell division
and compost of
free world
airwick the devil
into submission
bribe the shark
with late fees
not to bite

          I'll panty raid
          your icebox logo
          ferry the keg
          across your mercy
               a homeless animal
               willfully furry
               Louis in 12-bar
               blue yodels from
               the mountaintop
               to the laptop
          to sing
          tribute to your
          serendiculous angels

Appears to be working
diddlying his calendar
with futures
wags the
licks the
cat 'O' nine
tails the rent
with sound investments
love deaf
threw up
his arms
soldiered his
chickensouped on the western
eyes turned forever
the eternal optometrist sees
the wallpaper
cuts the glue
hides his lovebeads
behind a brown shirt
and tied up
in a meeting
can't be reached
     stung and
     rolls in sleep
     like a river
     bed of nails
     secretes knowledge
     from his bedsores
     Don of the Dead
      chemo savvy
      take me
      the Indian giver
      his hard
      from the
      ass of lone justice         

Appears to be working
open to inspection
I'm all ears,
gears and nose 
rose to sniff the
great outdoors
rise to noise
to mirror the minor
third eyes my
open heart
flexing my forceps to
yankee past
titanic arches
chanteys the love boat
french kiss the seabreeze
as mother's milk
rattles the crib edges
to extremes
but grab the rail
hail the uber
alles out to
groove me the bass
of my lust
for a
© Polar Levine 2017
content should not be reproduced elsewhere without prior permission


Alone in his office –
the rear table of
Hadley’s Ice House
wine glass in a meeting
very hush hush
From her table in shadow
she can see his lips move
sweetly in song
she can almost hear it
yes, she’s knows it
he’s singing her name
The melody bathes
the womb of the Lazy Boy
safe at last
he’s safe in its pocket
in the arms of his dad
Baseball and Balentine
Baseball and Balentine

She senses a longing
his fortitude bears it
he stares through her loneliness
no judgment or scorn
his arms at rest
awaiting her call
her eyes now signal
out to his shelter
his eyes alone
are atuned to hear it
her hips
alone can
feel his
her heart
decodes his
her soul
alone can
hear his

Baseball and Balentine
Baseball and Balentine

© Polar Levine 2017
content should not be reproduced elsewhere without prior permission

Dog Day

The music goes round and round
Then the seats are gone
and I want to sit

Changing a light bulb
in mid stream –
bound to spite
so dark a night

     shifts the modus
     forth and back
     to waterski a
     vapor trail like
     chasing the school bus
When I’d get home, it’s
canned spaghetti and
turds on the carpet

I throw a stick
he tracks it down
makes me chase him
through the woods
to get it back
Chase the dog till I
drop to the ground
out of breath
from laughing

© Polar Levine 2017
content should not be reproduced elsewhere without prior permission

Lillian and Sid

Beautiful Lillian
her smile of samovar
lips still curl from the days when
her kisses at sunrise
would sting the postman
out of his sleep
his deliveries gratefully
late those mornings
Her own sleep aborted
by dream loops
of Talmud in boombox
Slowed but still liquid
her days adrift on an ocean of
sandwich bags, borscht
and used honeymoons

They will be granted three miracles
by The Power That Be so likely
    to drop the contract in the sea
but they’ll attend to
bigger and butter things, oh
the sweetness
to lick a drop just
one drop of
just one more drop
while Treblinka squats on the ashes
of her loved ones
she awaits the warrior David
to finally defend the grace
of her intelligence
But Sid will do

They will dine again this evening
then fuck the Evil Eye
and flaunt their pleasure

they will forget
they will remember
they will forget
in a casserole of wheezes
and a sore pecker

Beautiful Lillian

© Polar Levine 2017
content should not be reproduced elsewhere without prior permission

Home Run in the Coffee Bar

big baby boy
brave bloated bumble bees
bad bass & backbeat
these things begin with the letter "B"

you sit there drinking cappuccino
it's ok
I'll watch
I'm drinking cappuccino
we're both drinking cappuccino
but we're not the same
I think about this
maybe you're thinking about this
maybe you're wondering
what my hands are thinking
maybe you're wondering what
your hands are thinking
maybe not
there are only two or three tables between us
how far is that?
they're putting sofas on the F trains
     who are "they"?
               what are they talking about?
          what did they mean by that?
               who, me?
ok, they're not putting sofas on the F trains

the cappuccino foam on your upper lip
is causing me to swoon
hey, no need to apologize
I like it
we are not the same
this is exciting to me
your flesh begins in a
whole other dimension from mine
it ends in a whole other dimension
different colors
different molecules
long stringy things inside
red, blue, and green
it's the outside part I want to lick
are those the actual words
that came up in my mind?
you betcha
I'm a passionate guy
your cappuccino is nothing more than
liquid evidence of my will
I will dissolve the tables between us
with my laser of desire
here i come
my moonwalk will melt you

excuse me
I have just been delivered a message
first class express
from above and below
I am compelled
to respond and comply
you and I are here
solely to perpetuate
the rhythm of the universe
by humbly serving
the higher cosmos
who the hell are we to disregard
the mating hum hurled from
the penthouse of consciousness –
the red dot center of space and time
let us throw off the chains
of the material world
and fine tune
the harmony of the spheres
awesome, my roof or yours?

© Polar Levine 2017
content should not be reproduced elsewhere without prior permission

Roll-y, Not Holy

lack access
ass backward
front-loaded with
obvious memes
usual themes
then surreal to a flaw
power tools
cut and paste
step out for a drink
too much think
connect ground wire
synapse primed
like butter
like nutmeg
like noodles and bugs
like witches in rehab
everything is
not wholly your own

© Polar Levine 2017
content should not be reproduced elsewhere without prior permission

Her Office

with a stacked deck
Venus aforethought
in satin shadow
her rational sarong
her sensible scar
scraped in by years of
commitment and mastery that
no way could mitigate
drawn, snorted, thanked and
acid-bathed in drool of
crustacean rationale
stared back
stood her ground
bled blood
to win
but weakened
a top floor office
a view
still awaiting a mission
high heels ache
staring out at the sky

© Polar Levine 2017
content should not be reproduced elsewhere without prior permission


the little park is sunning
tai chi elders shift in time
given the mic, she sings
taking her turn among the crowd
maybe it’s Cantonese
maybe she’s scatting, as if I’d know
anyone is welcome

erhu player
sees me watching
asks me do I
want to play
hands me a banjo
but not quite
nylons strings with a
snakeskin head
I jump right in
clever, I hammer
something funky

I can see them smiling
while ignoring my riff
they continue on
sweet in their tradition zone
I should’ve listened
before I started

© Polar Levine 2017
content should not be reproduced elsewhere without prior permission

Art and Humans

are searching for the dead and injured
shops pillaged
the artist stirs
as yet no word from the
pours coffee
to be signs of torture
the loft downtown
of sniper fire
where the hostages
bagel.  where’d the
op-eds go?
coffeed hands
sift for meaning
juggling flashbulbs
in lieu of light

© Polar Levine 2017 content should not be reproduced elsewhere without prior permission

Lost Art Legionnaire

wine soaked
lost in Ganges
fired up
groove racked
set to track
no no’ed
flow no
no no’ed
just do
no go
nogo nogo
toke 2
hch ahhhhh
no go
nogo nogo
febulo 2
fuckulo 2
fuckulo 2
you there?
you there?
you here
Lepro roto dax
du Shmydex
Fylo popoloff
EQ torex
Reeva in Revva in Reeva minimalis
quantizo no
quantizo noway
fuckulo 2
Metafumis erantis
Spache negativo
ritmo dumpo dak
loopo no profundo
stoodeo deeduck tax-e-wan
extend dominantix
whip sampelambo
obmalepmas sam mas sa
Dr. Leblock Line 3
Gucci a Giddeyup 409
Numero unoMets
buttshake can cannot
ka ka kicko no fuma
U N Me
Dough No Shit
Din Doo Nuttin
Ray O Vac
4 1 1
fuckulo 2
sonora poncena
long limo limborock
freaky deaky no speakee
arse aurealis
chop dhop
cheez cheez
prayz jeez velveetorum
bowl o drome o sumachamp
artis enigmatis redundum
ost LLo
fuckulo 2
fuckulo 2
lost ar
fuckulo 2
lost art legionnaire

© Polar Levine 2017
content should not be reproduced elsewhere without prior permission